KTC International is a pioneer in providing the best solutions for Extra Low Voltage (ELV) Solutions in the Middle East. Our range of tech-driven products substantially enhances the safety of properties, designed to cater to the extra-low voltage needs of the spaces. 

Our ELV Solutions facilitate the better consumption of energy at higher efficiency levels while integrating current advanced technologies. Every building needs ELV Systems due to their functional importance. Extremely efficient, useful and faster, our innovative ELV Systems also provide cost-savings benefits. We create an engineering framework that empowers low voltages to seamlessly function in a manner that is safe.  

The team at KTC International works closely with clients from the stage of schematic design through the detailed engineering process right to the full execution of the project, fully integrating our systems with those of the property. Our range of products covers the entire gamut of new modern technologies that are must-have systems in every building. Our ELV systems and services represent a fully interoperable infrastructure that is seamlessly integrated and suitable across all types of real estate, industries, and sectors. 

KTC’s Extra Low Voltage System offers a low voltage design where all your appliances and electrical wiring are carefully controlled in case of voltage fluctuation and voltage drop.

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