Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), also known as Intelligent Transport Systems are advanced applications which aim to provide innovative services related to different modes of transport and traffic management systems. They combine leading-edge communication and information technology that is used in traffic and transportation management processes and systems to improve efficiency, safety, and sustainability in transportation in order to make the user experience more convenient and reduce traffic. 

ITS helps automate many functions that were previously undertaken through human intervention. It harnesses the potential of advanced technology at a minimised cost and with a maximised benefit.  KTC’s Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) allow various road users to be better informed and make safe, more coordinated and ‘smarter’ use of transport networks. KTC’s ITS helps with traffic management solutions to control cost and improve efficiency. The system also helps in alleviating traffic congestion and emergency response. KTC’s powerful, cost-effective solutions help in managing communications for your entire traffic system.

We have worked with some of the most eminent institutions in the region, across systems integration projects of all sizes and with custom integration solutions. We take a deep dive into the main requirements of each project, and the primary objectives to be achieved, helping our clients implement the right solution to ensure that they maximise the operational benefits provided by their custom-made ITS solutions. 

Our hands-on approach from concept through implementation ensures that our projects are well-engineered while being community and environmentally sensitive. Through our Intelligent Transportation Systems, we facilitate the effective and safe movement of people with an aim to create long-term, sustainable methods of transportation. 

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