Smart on-street parking solutions are an effective way to best manage existing parking stock in metropolitan areas. They have now become an intrinsic part of smart cities and smart mobility solutions, helping reduce bottlenecks and congestion and effectively directing the number of vehicles looking for parking. Technologically equipped on-street parking is an excellent way for the city government to improve the quality of city life, city environment, and urban mobility.  

KTC’s on-street parking solutions offer complete parking technologies. Specially designed for intelligent parking management on the streets, our on-street parking solutions provide a range of flexible tools, thereby offering superior modularity while being equipped with solar panels to ensure the effective use of energy. Our solutions can help cities and parking operators to set up a system that increases revenues, helps the environment, enhances parking turnover, maximises parking occupancy and much more. They are a combination of innovative engineering, outstanding solar autonomy, and powerful software programming. 

In collaboration with our clients, we conduct extensive research and create the best solutions to common parking problems – solutions that add value to the local community. Our technically advanced team put together the best functionalities for your project based on the latest technologies available in the market. Our on-street parking solutions have been implemented across various high-profile projects in the UAE, improving the quality of life and ensuring the optimal utilisation of real estate. 

We design, implement, and roll out customised on-street parking solutions by employing a range of technologies to deliver an effective and efficient service.

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