We play an important role in facilitating the maintenance of order and efficiency in the urban road system in the region with our state-of-the-art traffic monitoring and law enforcement systems and solutions. An increase in the number of vehicles on the road makes monitoring a complex process, with traditional surveillance methods like banners and manual patrolling being inefficient and time-consuming in today’s times. These fixed systems can come with their own set of environmental limitations, while also being expensive and requiring long-term construction commitments. Our futuristic, modern, and technologically advanced Traffic Monitoring and Law Enforcement Systems negate the disadvantages of old-school methods while considerably improving accuracy and efficiency. 

At KTC International, we deploy the latest and most advanced traffic detection technologies with various customisable applications that effectively monitor traffic, and provide thorough surveillance functionalities. We provide advanced and effective solutions for Traffic Monitoring and Law Enforcement Systems such as Radar-based Speed and/or Red Light Violation Cameras, Handheld computers and terminals, and Pay and Display Machines for On-street Parking Enforcement requirements. 

As a systems integrator, KTC International has proven records from capturing clear violation footage (marked picture and video of the traffic fine) to transferring the fine out to the processing servers, and from tailor-made products to the fastest and most reliable maintenance to ensure the highest availability of the Traffic Monitoring & Law Enforcement System and its services.  

All our hardware is manufactured in European countries, and these products are in use around the world in varying weather conditions.

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