KTC International provides a wide range of products for professional security requirements. In a world of increasing risk that is highly diversified in nature, the creation of consistently safe environments has become a complex task. KTC’s Security Solutions provide a strong obstacle against intrusions. When used with biometric and access control devices, it can raise alarms to alert guard staff of unauthorised entry in real-time. The physical barrier supports regulatory compliance and risk reduction at organisations, both big and small.

With cutting-edge products and solutions, we are revolutionising the security industry in the region, deploying the best-in-class systems powered by futuristic, state-of-the-art technology. Our security solutions seamlessly and safely manage people and vehicles to the next point of their journeys, using sophisticated and intuitive sensors and modern technology. 

We combine our well-honed experience in the industry with a highly advanced technical team, working closely with our clients to fully map out their security needs, and the general security risks faced in the current and future context, putting together systems and solutions that effectively diminish these risks. Our products can be easily combined and integrated, providing simple, technologically driven solutions that add much needed extra layers of security in a cost-effective manner.

We automate security and streamline measures to make spaces safer, by way of our commercial-grade security systems with advanced capabilities, thereby providing effective and sustainable long-term solutions. 

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