At KTC International, we specialise in the design, supply, installation, operation, and maintenance of state-of-the-art parking guidance system equipment and software for both on-street and off-street parking applications. We provide the best flexible ultrasonic or camera-based parking guidance systems that can be customised to perfectly fit in with the client’s requirements. Our technology offers maximum flexibility and can be used to build entirely new solutions to power your future needs or complement an already existing system. 

Our range of products also includes guiding systems for outdoor and mixed facilities. They provide prompt information on parking occupancy, efficiently and quickly guiding drivers to empty spaces outside the parking facility. Furthermore, our Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System enables different LED indicator colours for people with special needs.

With our products and systems, real-time intel is provided on parking occupancy. They help facilitate improved mobility, increased space rotation, less time spent looking for parking spaces, and less air pollution inside the parking facility. Our intelligent automatic LED lighting system for indoor parking facilities has been designed to integrate with the guidance system, thereby enabling energy-saving and eco-friendly parking operations. 

Our range of offerings comes with a suite of features and integrated, value-added solutions that improve efficiency, provide savings, and make the parking experience extremely safe and convenient. 

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