Enabling works is the first step in many kinds of construction projects. From preparing the site and building an access route, to putting up all the safety signs and ensuring that security fencing is installed, the objective is to ready the project site so construction teams can work safely and efficiently, and that neighboring buildings and communities remain protected.

The range of services under the purview of enabling works extends to Lake and Lagoon works, Wet Wells, NDRC works, Dewatering Discharge Lines, Submersive Pumps, and HDPE Liners. Our enabling works, piloted by our team of expert engineers, combined with our deployment of the latest technology, can enable the surveying of large spaces quicker and more efficiently, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Because every site has its own unique needs, the extent and type of enabling works will considerably vary. We have the experience across all types of projects, and the know-how to provide the best possible advice and solutions to the trickiest hindrances, in order to create a construction site that is ready for the next stage of work. Our highly technical team has worked across all types of construction and infrastructure projects while enabling the latest technologies and sustainable materials.

Because every project is tightly scheduled, with site costs that escalate for every additional month a site is active, we carefully plan enabling works so that the main construction work can begin without any delays or restrictions.

We believe that our early involvement in projects ensures that we can do a complete assessment before the main substructure or groundwork commences as a part of our preparatory activity.

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