Parking Management System acts as one of most important role in the metropolitan cities.

CPMS (Car Park Management System) could have different setups and each has its own advantages that relates to the client’s requirements and the project statistics. In our car park management system, we have all range of the products including:

Gate Barrier, Entry Machines, Exit Machines, Automatic Payment System, Cashless Payment, Discount Validation units, Manual Payment System and etc, that can serve all requirements of each project.

parking management system
KTC international installation of parking management system at Global Village Parking

KTC International possesses extensive experience in parking management and gate automation systems.  Our services include design, supply, installation, test and commission and operation maintenance.

With our parking management system:

  • We are introducing Fully Automated Parking Management System supported by the capability of centralization and visualization
  • Pay stations send alerts when action is needed
  • No congestion at entry and exit points; drivers park, pay and leave
  • Reduced carbon emissions from cars as queues are minimized
  • Built-in redundancy, drivers could pay at automatic or manual pay stations
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