about ktc

who we are?

About KTC International: Established in 1996 along with a solid vision, a strong technical and engineering workforce, moreover KTC International Co. has a vast experience that has enabled the company to be one of the leaders in its industry today. Indeed, KTC International Company’s mission is, to stand committed to execute the work following the highest quality standard besides to the satisfaction of its clients and consultants is a forerunner. 

International Business Tower


Not only our quality objectives are to furnish cost effective and state-of-the-art productsservices but also customer support on time.

We believe that the attainment of such objectives obviously will lead to customer satisfaction. Once an objective is achieved definitely it should be recognized and reset to stimulate further quality improvement.
To reach our objectives, without a doubt we have to maintain constant focus on quality with full dedication, commitment and teamwork in all our projects too.

Mission & Vision


Stand Committed in its Endurance to Execute the Work to the Highest Quality Standards along with Satisfaction of its Clients.


Our Journey certainly is total quality management. Unquestionably satisfying our customer’s requirements through a process of continue improvement. It’s critical to understand that total quality management is not a short term program, clearly it’s a long term commitment aimed at continuously improving the way we work, moreover providing a safe work environment as well as managing our business processes, and manufacturers selection / relations.