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Parking Management System at Global Village


KTC had successfully launched its Parking Management System operational at the Global Village managing VIP car park 1, VIP car park 2 and valet car park. This work includes high level of integration with event management software and managing the automated access of VIP visitors. This was a challenging project keeping in mind the fixed opening day for public, which includes VVIP users attending the official opening event, which was on 29th October 2019

Global village (GV) relied on Ktc international LLC to provide state of the art Designa parking management system (CPMS) to manage three car park areas (VIP 1, VIP 2, Valet), optimize parking operation, and solve the loopholes found during previous seasons. GV season 24th will be well recognized in matter of parking operation, GV’s visitors will have different and enjoyable parking experience this season. For VIP visitors, they will be able to enter VIP car park areas via vehicle’s number plate instead of traditional stickers at previous seasons, a successful integration happened between CPMS and GV’s website that enable VIPs to log in GV’s website and register their number plate under their GV pack number to be able to enter VIP parking areas as a real VIP.

For non-registered GV’s visitors, they can collect branded parking ticket with GV’s logo and T&C from entry ticket terminal at entry lane of VIP or Valet car park, parking ticket will be imprinted with ticket number and vehicle’s number plate, so visitor can pay against parking fees by using the ticket itself or insert vehicle’s number plate. Now parking payment is smooth and easier than previous seasons, visitors have many alternatives to pay their parking fees, first payment can be through GV’s ticketing and vending booth/POS located inside the village, then after they can enjoy fast existing experience without stopping at exit POS to pay, second to follow the transitional way to pay at exit POS in case they missed to pay before leaving the village.

Visitors whom have a discount voucher or coupon, they can scan it at parking payment locations after scanning parking ticket or insert vehicle’s number plate to have 100% discount on parking fees, or they can scan the voucher at exit terminals at valet car park to have discount on their parking ticket

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