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JAN - 2020


KTC international management participated at Global Sales Meeting 2020 with interesting topics like technology, sales and marketing at Klaus Multiparking Madrid. 
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The 22nd edition of the world’s leading security, safety, and fire protection trade show, welcomed over1000+ exhibitors from 56 countries and 33,584 industry visitors. KTC International sales and technical team visited the Intersect 2020. This exhibition recognized as the world’s leading trade fair for Security, Safety & Fire Protection.

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KTC INTERNATIONAL has successfully installed the latest parking management equipment at DIFC, Gate Avenue parking facilities. There are two independent surfaced car park that are controlled and managed by Designa Car Park Management System (Main CP, and CP 06), both parking facilities are connected to single Parking Management central server where car park operator can separately configure, manage, control, and generate report/statistics about transaction, occupancy, and revenue.

     The installed Parking Management System, will enable short term parker to enter by issuing a ticket from entry terminal printed with date, time, and license plate number on it. Payment will be done through manual pay stations located inside at the mall reception desks, in order to provide more convenient to the users of this car park there are additional payment method using mobile cashier where patrons can pay at exit lane in case they missed to pay before leaving the mall.

Season parker (registered) will enter by their registered number plate, ANPR camera will support the system to capture the number plate for access verification.

  • Main Car Park: Has two entries/two exits equipped by gate barrier, entry/exit terminal, RFID reader, VOIP intercom, and ANPR Camera
  • Car Park 06: Has one entry/one exit equipped by gate barrier, entry/exit terminal, RFID reader, VOIP intercom, and ANPR Camera
  • Payment: Two manual pay stations at reception desks, and three mobile cashier.
  • Centralized server: All equipment at both car parks are connected to centralized server located in control room.
  •  Protective bollards and branding have been done for customer engagement and branding optimization.

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