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KTC International,
The pioneer in I.T.S & Parking Automation System

"Dubai Government Workshop"
Guidance System
Camera Based

KTC International successfully installed and handover the Parking Guidance Solution based on Camera sensors in extreme site condition in one of the most prestige Vehicle Workshops (Dubai Government Workshop) in United Arab Emirates located at Dubai. The LPR detection accuracy for this system is more than 95% and it keeps on improving itself daily. Below is the project specification:

Project Scope (3 buildings):
 2 building for light vehicles and
* One building for heavy vehicle
* more than 200 cameras with LED (Green for free space / Red for occupied) installed

Dubai International Financial Centre

DIFC is a global financial center strategically located between the East and West, providing a stable and safe platform for financial institutions of the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. KTC International installed Parking Management System equipped with License Plate Recognition, RFID and payment system and also Ultrasonic Parking Guidance Systems space by space at DIFC "Gate Village and Gate District"; the installed products are from the latest design and development from the European manufactures like Designa (PMS) and ParkHelp (PGS).

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