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Launch of the three new DESIGNA pay stations

Designa introduced the new BlueEdition product family. The three new DESIGNA pay stations – Pay Coinless, Pay Cashless and Pay Cash & Card – once more merged the technical enhancements and professional design together. Special features: the new pay stations are specifically developed to meet the payment options that are currently highly demanded by the parking operator.

Pay Cashless: Being able to pay without cash, makes a huge impact on facilitating the customer satisfaction. Using the DESIGNA cashless solution, car park operators can offer their customers a safe transmission of payment data and lower the expense of handling the cash.
Pay Coinless:
The coinless solution offers a shortcut for the payment process by only handling bank notes and credit cards.
Pay Cash & Card: All-in-one automatic pay on foot provides full device architecture and functionality. All payment transactions, either with cash, debit/credit cards or cashless can be performed. In this way, all requirements to a fully-equipped car park management system could be achieved.

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